A social network connecting
people to the Blockchain world

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What is BiYong?

BiYong is a social network connecting people to the blockchain world.
BiYong builds a complete social network by linking Blockchain users, communities, media, assets, applications and etc.,
users can enjoy the entire Blockchain world simply by using BiYong.
The vision of BiYong is to become "WeChat" in the Blockchain world, which can solve all your Blockchain needs simply by using BiYong.

The Advantages of BiYong

  • Super Large
    Community Base
    To build a super community linked with Telegram.Join us now to chat with millions of Blockchain users from mainstream digital currency communities.
  • Perfect User
    No need to save complex mnemonic, private key or other obscure information. A cell phone number is pretty good enough for you to enjoy the entire Blockchain world.
  • Extreme
    Compatible with all Blockchain assets. BiYong will support all valuable Blockchain assets and provide all these Blockchain assets holders with value-added services.
  • Complete Blockchain
    3rd-party service is well supported by BiYong.
    Wanna the hottest and latest Blockchain news and market quotation? Wanna experience convenient transfer and exchange of assets? Try BiYong now, and many more amazing functions are waiting for you.