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What is BiYong

BiYong is a social network that connects people to the blockchain world.

On BiYong, you will find millions blockchain enthusiasts and crypto investors, discover the hottest blockchain projects,
and explore the latest blockchain news - all in one place!

BiYong aims to link all parties in the blockchain world together, provides solutions to both users and project owners,
and ultimately becomes a super app that serves all needs of people in blockchain.

Why BiYong

  • One of the Largest
    Blockchain Community
    BiYong has more than 3 million blockchain users and over 160,000 groups. It is your gateway to the blockchain world, connecting you with blockchain projects and other crypto investors, who are just like you!
  • Easy Registration
    A phone number is all you need to register with us, and BiYong is available on both PC and mobile.
  • Extremely Compatible
    BiYong's wallet is compatible with all cryptocurrencies and is linked with multiple exchanges.
  • One-Stop Blockchain
    BiYong is more than just an IM app! You can discover the hottest blockchain projects, participate in airdrops, transfer cryptocurrencies, and many more cool features - all on BiYong!



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